The STEAMDRY project


The Steamdry project stems from the current trend in the EU market for processed foods: There is an increasing demand by consumers for foods that have undergone fewer changes during processing, foods that look less processed and are closer to their original state while retaining high nutritive values, flavor and a “natural” image.

Food processing machinery SMEs must not only improve the drying process to achieve the high quality demanded across the EU customer base, but also they must tackle the energy consumption and pollution issues which are typical of such equipment.

SME food machinery have to respond to these demands and enable the dried food industries face 3 main

Low quality of the final dried products (50% of the nutrients, vitamins and aroma are currently lost)

High energy consumption to dry the raw materials (Conventional dryers have an efficiency of 40-60%)

significant environmental pollution (via odor and CO2 emissions)

The project is being financed by the European Commission-Research Executive Agency (EC-REA), under the 7th program, which provides financial aid to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to carry out Research & Development activities.

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European Commission 7th Framework Program

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The SteamDry project aims at offering to the European food producers and food processing industries an efficient and sustainable solution to dry their products and maintain their quality.