The STEAMDRY project

Fiordelisi S.R.L.

FIORDELISI.jpngFounded by Antonio Fiordelisi in 1954, Fiordelisi S.r.l. is a company leader in the production of dehydrated vegetables, in particular of sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes.

The company counts 110 employees and owns more than 3,500,000 m2 of fields cultivated. They produce more than 2,500 tonnes of dried and semi-dried vegetables (1,200 tonnes of sun-dried tomatoes, 700 tonnes of semi-dried tomatoes, 200 tonnes of artichokes and 500 tonnes of other vegetables such as peppers, courgettes or aubergines). Fiordelisi considers product quality of the utmost importance: the most accurate controls are carried out with extreme effort and attention, from raw materials to finished products.

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European Commission 7th Framework Program

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The SteamDry project aims at offering to the European food producers and food processing industries an efficient and sustainable solution to dry their products and maintain their quality.