The STEAMDRY project

Fondazione Parco Tecnologico Padano

fptpThe Lodi Cluster of innovation gathers together several institutions of excellence and innovations, such as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Milan, Istituto Lazzaro Spallanzani, CNR, Istituto Zooprofilattico of Lombardia and Emilia Romagna. Within the Lodi Cluster, FPTP-CeRSA (Centre for Research and Study in the field of Agro-Food) encompasses 6 research groups together with 4 Technological Platforms running innovative activities on genomics in order to obtain healthy crops and animals and to produce tools to be used in food safety and traceability.

In particular, related to SteamDry,

  • Genomics Platform: offers high-throughput analysis and studies of food and feed to guarantee traceability and security in the production chain;
  • Chemical Platform: focuses on biotech research in agro-food, food and agriculture yields to improve specific products or productive processes. In the case of the drying process, they own evaporators, vacuum/freeze drying, universal stove for stability tests and thermal treatments along with analysis equipment, such as spectrophotometer, GC-MS/FID, HPL-UV-MS;
  • Proteomics Platform: focuses on the analysis and characterisation of proteins, using advanced equipment (MS-SELDI ToF), software for biomarker discovery and validation, LC-MS

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European Commission 7th Framework Program

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The SteamDry project aims at offering to the European food producers and food processing industries an efficient and sustainable solution to dry their products and maintain their quality.