Superheated Steam Drying

Developing Energy-Efficient Drying Technology for Sustainable Manufacturing

Superheated steam drying (SSD) is our innovative solution for efficient drying. By heating saturated steam above its boiling point, we create a powerful drying medium that removes excess water from materials quickly and effectively.

SteamDry is at the forefront of pioneering energy-efficient and environmentally friendly drying solutions, surpassing current industry standards. The project focuses on advancing SSD technology, a method that holds immense potential for revolutionising the drying process across various sectors, including paper, textiles, and food production. Unlike traditional drying methods, which rely on combustion processes and emit CO2, Steamdry’s innovative approach aims to minimise energy consumption and eliminate CO2¬†emissions.

Challenges in Current Drying Technologies and Advantages of SSD Technology

In conventional drying processes such as contact cylinder and convective hot air drying, energy efficiency is limited, and CO2 emissions are inevitable. SteamDry’s SSD technology offers a paradigm shift by harnessing the superior heat transfer properties of superheated steam. By circulating and reheating steam in a closed loop, the SteamDry system maintains temperatures above vaporization point, resulting in lower net energy consumption and the use of surplus steam for other purposes within the facility. This closed-loop system not only enhances energy efficiency but also enables the hygienisation of products by inactivating microorganisms.

Moreover, SteamDry’s SSD technology offers several advantages over traditional drying methods. With faster drying rates and shorter drying times, the proposed process minimises product degradation and improves overall product quality. Additionally, the compact design of SSD dryers and the ability to reuse surplus steam for other industrial processes further enhance energy efficiency and operational sustainability.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Heat Transfer

    Superior thermal conductivity and heat capacity of superheated steam facilitate efficient drying and inactivation of micro-organisms, ensuring product hygiene.

  • Energy Efficiency

    SteamDry significantly reduces energy consumption, utilizing recovered heat for various processes, thereby creating a more sustainable production environment.

  • CO2 Emission-Free

    By eliminating reliance on combustion processes, SteamDry contributes to a greener and eco-friendly manufacturing approach.

Innovation in System Integration

The SteamDry project also emphasises system integration and advanced digitalisation of monitoring and control systems. Through pilot-scale measurements and comparison with commercial best practices, the project will demonstrate the substantial improvement potential of its integrated approach to drying technology.
In summary, SteamDry is committed to developing cutting-edge drying technology that not only exceeds current energy efficiency standards but also contributes to a more sustainable future for manufacturing industries.